Fautsy is a Rewards and Advertising platform which provides various methods for users to earn Bitcoin, like claiming Free coins, clicking Ads, doing offers & surveys. As for advertisers is a reliable way of attracting cryptocurrency audience to their websites/products/services.
We are worldwide open and everyone is welcome to join us. There is no country restriction. The only condition is you are accepting our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Firstly Register and account (it takes less than a minute), make sure you provide a valid email address as we'll send you a confirmation link. Once you get access into account you can start right away to Earn Free Bitcoin.
Coins are internal currency rewarded to you after every completed and is converted automatically into Bitcoin when you request a withdrawal. 1 Coin = 1 satoshi BTC
You may use purchase balance to buy any service from Fautsy. For example, buying advertisements, purchasing referrals and upgrading your Membership.

Purchase balance is non-refundable and can not be transferred to your balance.
Minimum to Deposit is $1.00

You can Deposit funds using several methods, like Faucetpay, CoinPayments and Payeer. In all cases it's an instant process, you can use to pay with bitcoin or any other altcoin you're comfortable with. The funds are available into your Purchase Balance.
Very simple, just click the Withdraw button, choose withdrawal Method (FaucetPay or Direct), Satoshi Amount and enter your wallet.

Withdrawals for Free members are processed within: 3 calendar days.
Withdrawals for Upgraded members are processed instantly

Please refer to Membership Page for more information
1. Minimum to withdraw to FaucetPay is 2,000 satoshi for FREE members and 500 satoshi for VIP members.
2. Minimum to withdraw to Direct Wallet is 20,000 satoshi for FREE members and 5,000 for VIP members.
2. Your account must have atleast 20 faucet claims.
3. A valid wallet that corresponds to your withdrawal method.

* If you choose Faucetpay method - make sure wallet is connected to your faucetpay account.

* If you choose Direct withdrawal - make sure you have access to that wallet and have control over the funds.

1. Zero Fee for internal transfer from Account Balance to Purchase Balance.
2. Zero Fee for Faucetpay transactions (deposit/withdrawals)
3. Direct Method Fees: 500 satoshi Fee for Withdrawals and also You Pay the Deposit Fee
Yes, we do have referral program.
The amount of commission strictly depends of your Membership Status.

You are receiving commission from all your referral's Faucet claims and Offerwall programs.

* Ref. Commission for Faucet Program: 10% for Free members upto 40% for VIP members.

* Ref. Commission for Offerwall: 2% for Free members upto 15% for VIP members.
If you don't login for more than 7 days you will start losing 5 Coins (5 satoshi) every day until you login again or your account balance goes to 0, so make sure your account remains active.
No, multiple accounts are strictly forbidden on Fausty. If you register more than 1 account, we will take measures and ban all the accounts.
2FA is used to secure your account more deeply.

You will need to install on your smartphone "Google Authenticator App" and then scan the QR code from your account settings page and you will enable 2FA.

Everytime you will login into your Fautsy account, you will need to enter also a 6 number code from the mobile application.
You can always contact us on: [email protected] with any question, we would be more than happy to assist you.